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Gary Winchester Martin: An Open Letter To Apple From The Actual Working Photography & Motion Pros

Gary Winchester Martin talks with actual pros in photography & motion industry, concluding:

It seams that in the search to innovate, you’ve inconvenienced and alienated the actual working pros that use your devices and depend on your computers to make a living and streamline efficiency. In the quest to make things thinner, lighter, and faster we’ve made it harder to shoot tethered, too expensive to fit into an existing ecosystem, and full of features that pro’s don’t really want. I think it’s time to address that these computers aren’t built for pros but for the audience aspiring to be a pro, with the dreams that they can one day have a MacBook Pro hooked up to two matte screen monitors and a RED Dragon on their workstation.

Simply put, the people the author talked to, all complain about almost each aspect of the recent Apple event: no external monitors, the RAM limitation, the TouchBar vs larger trackpad and the USB-C only ports in the new MacBook Pros, the weight and size vs capabitilies trade-off.

Are these quotes representatives for the whole photography/motion community? I don’t know. But to me they sound more realistic than the demo on stage1.

  1. And I don’t even talk about the DJ part of the demo.  

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