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Because the f***ing OS

Top comment on Hacker News from user veidr:

I’ve tried every iteration of Ubuttnu, CentOS, and FreeBSD since. Even OpenWhatever, before the goblins bought it. I have Thinkpads and Dell XPS “Developer Editions” and a drawer full of other crap like that.

Executive summary: it’s all garbage time. It’s like going back 10+ years. Nothing works right, on any of them. Copy/paste, batteries, wireless networking, drag and drop, high-res displays, multilingual input, even like fucking word processing and email and image editors and terminal programs… it’s all like Mac OS X Jaguar level.

We can’t give Apple the finger, even though we want to (and definitely after last week, we all want to) because there literally isn’t an OS in the world that can touch Mac OS for general-purpose workstation/laptop use. (For niche and limited-purpose, yes, there are options.)

Elementary OS is a fucking joke. Every OS mentioned disparagingly above is a better choice for almost any purpose. But those are still horrible.

Apple’s OS advantage is what lets them say “Fuck you peons, here’s some 3 year old technology and a bag of dongles, that’ll be $4000.”

But we’re mostly all gonna buy the new shitty MacBook Hipster, or gut it out with our old ones, until a better fucking OS happens. And that won’t be soon — it’s not even remotely on the horizon.

I’d say it’s the complete ecosystem with its seamless integration, better polish and user experience than alternatives that makes it hard to quit.

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