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Reddit: I just tried spacemacs for two weeks. Here are my impressions

Great things:

  • The ability to roll back package updates easily
  • Pre-configured layers that can auto-install if you open a ruby (or whatever) file
  • Really good defaults (whoever came up with Emacs’ default scrolling needs a stern talking to in my book)
  • I really like the idea of the mnemonic keybindings. I ended up disliking how Spacemacs does it, more below

User zreeon on Reddit

I learned about Spacemacs a while ago. Before that I’ve tried to get comfortable with Emacs a couple of times and ended up having a decent working configuration; I’ve built it from scratch following the advice of adding to it only the bits and pieces that I understood.

Today I still have Spacemacs on all my machines. I don’t use it very frequently though, but I keep it up to date and, now and then, I check how random things are done.

Then I go back to my Vim environment. There are a few things that I wish I had in Vim too:

  1. a central listing of Vim plugins (download numbers, last update info would be super useful)
  2. feature packages. Not having to figure out what plugins to combine to get an end to end experience would make things so much easier. I do wonder if Vim’s 8.0 packages will start be using for this.
  3. Consistent mappings. Even more important, a keybindings hint system that could suggest mappings that are available. Spacemacs uses which-key which provides a help buffer listing the available key bindings and their associated commands. It is amazing!
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