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Mapping the Evoluent vertical mouse buttons on macOS: BetterTouchTool or Evoluent’s tool?

After trying an Anker vertical mouse for a few months, I finally decided to try the original vertical mouse from Evoluent 1. As with other advanced multi-button mice (e.g. Logitech MX, etc.), Evoluent offers a tool to customize the extra-buttons. The configuration tool offers pretty much all the mapping options I’d expect; or at least I didn’t run into any limitations. I could map buttons to simple actions like Back or Forward, other predefined actions like Mission control, and even keyboard shortcuts.

What I found missing though is the ability of defining per application mappings. In case you haven’t used such mappings, they offer a mechanism to define differfent button behaviors depending on the active application. Such a feature truly maximizes the value of the extra buttons these advanced mice are coming with. Logitech’s application for configuring the mouse supports application-based profiles. Evoluent’s doesn’t.

This is when I started to wonder if using BetterTouchTool for defining custom behaviors for Evoluent’s extra buttons would give the flexibility I’m looking for. At the first glance, BetterTouchTool seem to recognize all Evoluent’s buttons and that means that this migth work nicely2.

As a side note, I couldn’t find much information out there about advanced mappings being used with the Evoluent vertical mouse. Any link or hints will be appreciated.

  1. as far as I can tell, there’s a huge difference in the position of the hand while using these 2 mice. But this post won’t focus on this. 

  2. there is one default button mapping that I don’t know yet how to deal with  

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